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Luka Savic

Research Assistant in Electrospinning

Hello there, thanks for visiting my profile. My name is Luka Savić and I come from Croatia. I finished my Masters and Bachelors degree at University of Zagreb on Faculty of Textile Technology

My field at collage was Textile Chemistry, Materials and Ecology. Bachelors degree research was on industrial wastewaters of textile industry, I still find that field interesting because of its ecological and environmental impact across the world.

My Masters degree was designing a novel electrospun patch for acl repair using medical textiles. Whole studying and process was done at NDORMS Botnar Research Centre as part of ERASMUS + program study. It was all done with help of my mentor from TTF Ph. D. Maja Somogyi Škoc.

Current work involves research under Dr. Pierre-Alexis Mouthuy on Medical devices and Biomaterials also doing a QMS document preparations. My main field is helping with electrospinning and perfecting the electrospun manufacture. My research has continued on my Masters degree working on a novel electrospun patch for acl repair

I love to be involved in to science festivals and presenting my research to kids. I have been involved in 2 IF Science Festivals where I have build a lego model of electrospinning to show replica on a stand.

IF Science Festival

My passions is reading audiobooks about social philosophy and animal/human evolution, reading about new science breakthrough. I love sharing food using the OLIO app and sharing joy as much as I can with everyone.