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Osteoarthritis Phenotypes

By Maja Radojčić

Maja Radojcic

MPharm, MSc, DSc, PhD

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Sport and Osteoarthritis

Personalised medicine for musculoskeletal pain

Arriving in December 2018, Maja comes to NDORMS with research interests in personalised medicine, musculoskeletal pain and epidemiology. She is keen on improving the lives of people suffering musculoskeletal pain, particularly pain is osteoarthritis, and is working with Professor Nigel Arden and Dr Stefan Kluzek. Her work focuses on understanding osteoarthritis and pain, identifying risk factors, defining groups of people with similar pain manifestations and underlying mechanisms, optimising the patient treatment need and, consequently, on improving patients’ quality of life. She is eager to disseminate her research, to establish grounds for further research and collaborations, and to make the most of Oxford’s support for young researchers. She, in turn, is providing support as a statistical adviser to PhD students in her group.

Maja is trained as a pharmacist, clinical epidemiologist and neuroscientist and is comfortable walking between those disciplines and taking the best from each. She was awarded her PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Copenhagen in September 2018. Her thesis focussed on biomarkers and pain in osteoarthritis. Prior to that, she gained an MSc and DSc in Clinical Epidemiology from Erasmus University Rotterdam, having previously trained and worked as a pharmacist in her home country of Bosnia and Herzegovina. She is eager to employ her breadth of skills and knowledge, ranging from discovery and development through pre-clinical to clinical research and drug safety, in tackling the burden of osteoarthritis.

Maja loves travelling and, to date, has visited precisely three quarters of the countries in Europe. When she’s not working or travelling, she enjoys reading, yoga and hanging out with friends over a coffee.