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Maria T Sanchez Santos

BSc, MSc

Senior Research Associate in Epidemiology and Medical Statistic

I joined the NDORMS department in April 2013 as the epidemiologist statistician within the Arthritis Research UK Centre for Sport, Exercise and Osteoarthritis project. My main research during this time has been to identify risk factors of injury and osteoarthritis in different observational studies of young sport and/or middle-aged women populations.

I am involved in developing a risk prediction model to identify stress fractures, using penalized methods on recruit’s characteristics from a longitudinal study of Royal Marines. I have also been involved in developing a prediction model for osteoarthritis and joint surgery outcomes using multiple imputation and bootstrapping methods. I have published several original papers in international scientific journals.

 I am one of the coordinators and teachers in the course offered by the Centre for Statistics in Medicine (CSM) “Data analysis: Statistics – designing clinical research and biostatistics”.

 Prior to my current position, I worked as statistician in a Contract Research Organization (CRO) and as research assistant at the Autonomous University of Madrid (Spain), working on a large representative population-based of 16 years of follow up of elderly people, and focusing mainly on disability, frailty and metabolic syndrome and their association with mortality using advance survival analysis methods, as time dependent covariates and multilevel analysis.

 I got my degree in Statistic in 2006. My fascination with statistics and epidemiology led me to finish two MSc, one in Epidemiology and one in Applied Statistic at the Autonomous University of Madrid and Alcala University in Spain.