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Patrick Garfjeld Roberts

DPhil Student

Patrick undertook his pre-clinical and clinical medical studies at Hertford College, Oxford, and completed his Foundation training in North West Thames and his Core Surgical training in Oxford. He began Trauma and Orthopaedic higher surgical training on the Oswestry rotation before transferring back to Oxford, and is currently out-of-programme as the Royal College of Surgeons Dinwoodie Research Fellow in Simulation and Surgical Training working towards his DPhil at NDORMS.

He has been heavily involved in medical education since medical school, and current roles include Lecturer in Anatomy for pre-clinical students at Hertford College, clinical school surgical tutor, and teaching on the 5th year ORTEM course. 

His work on surgical simulation aims to understand how we can use time outside the operating theatre to improve surgical skills inside the operating theatre, using a variety of high and low fidelity models to safely and effectively train junior surgeons.  He is also developing innovative measures of surgical expertise for selection and training of future surgeons. 

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