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Peter Dutton


Honorary Departmental Research Assistant

Statistician with an interest in Bayesian and adaptive design methodology, programming and clear data visualisation

I contribute statistical expertise to all aspects of clinical trials, focusing on trials using adaptive design. A Bayesian methodology allows greater flexibility than traditional methods when designing new studies and allows outside information to be formally and rightly included in the analysis of clinical trials. It also allows greater continuity between studies. I have experience in a wide range of these adaptive trial designs, from phase I dose-finding studies to large phase III randomised control trials.

I am a key component of two euroSARC trials investigating novel treatments for Ewing’s sarcoma (LINES) and osteosarcoma (MEMOS). I have helped to improve the statistical properties of these Bayesian adaptive translationally driven designs. I have also created the freely available R package EurosarcBayes to assist developers of other similar single-arm single- and multi-endpoint studies.

I am working on the trial design of WiZrrD, a renal cancer study of a WEE 1 inhibitor, and am involved in the setup of PemBla, a bladder cancer study of pembrolizumab. I have also assisted in data tabulation and reporting for FOXFIRE and have been involved in decision-making for the final analysis, a meta-analysis with two sister studies.

I am interested in the automated reporting of results. To this end, I have created R packages to assist in outputting document-ready tables and figures to Word documents. I have written software for adverse event data (robustToxicities), tabulation of information (prettyTables) and generating data queries. All of these programs are freely available on github.

I obtained a BA in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge in 2011 and went on to do an MSc in Statistics at the University of Lancaster in 2012. I worked at the Wales Cancer Trials Unit in Cardiff as a statistician for 2 years, where I was involved in the design, running and analysis of clinical trials such as RT3VIN, before joining CSM in June 2014.

I have strong interests in simulation and data visualisation, both professionally and personally. I am a fan of strategy and card games, in particular chess, bridge, Hearthstone and Eternal.

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