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Po Chan

DPhil Student


In October 2015 I commenced my DPhil degree at the University of Oxford to pursue my interests in biomechanics. My research interest is the modelling of the lower-limb for clinical gait analysis, more specifically, how should the forefoot be tracked and modelled using the technique of marker-based stereophotogrammetry. We believe that key to any further development is that the model can be easily applied in a clinical setting as well as providing as much information about the underlying biomechanics as possible.



Prior to this I had completed studies in Biomedical Engineering at Imperial College London (BEng MEng), working on the assessment of the mechanical characteristic of an implanted femur through the use of finite element analysis. During that time I also involved in various studies including modeling and developing of a biofidelic headform for blast injury testings as well as the experimentation of cadaveric ankle using robotic testing system at the National Taiwan University.

I am also a 3D printing and modelling hobbyist, the co-founder and president (2017 - 2018) of the Oxford Robotics and Additive Manufacturing Society, during which I have initiated the workshop and various projects for the society.