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Pragash Kamalathevan

DPhil Student


I studied pre-clinical medicine with an integrated neuroscience degree at Fitzwilliam College, University of Cambridge (BA; 2012). I then transferred to University College London (UCL) to complete my clinical training (MBBS; 2015). Having graduated as a junior doctor in 2015, I completed my foundation training in the South London deanery. Thereafter, I undertook an MSc (Distinction) at UCL in Burns, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in July 2017. Here, I investigated the use of human induced pluripotent stem cells to model cardiovascular disease. 

At the University of Oxford I was awarded the Kennedy Trust Clinical Fellowship to pursue a DPhil in Musculoskeletal Sciences, focusing on the pathogenesis underpinning hand osteoarthritis. 

My DPhil project aims to understand the molecular orchestration of retinoic acid in hand osteoarthritis (OA), a key pleiotrophic factor proposed to be protective in patients with severe forms of the disease.The long-term aim is to identify a  target in the retinoic signalling pathway that can be the target of disease-modifying therapy.