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Samuel Bullers

BSc (Hons), PhD

Postdoctoral Research Assistant & OCMS Experimental Lead

I completed my PhD in the Jack Birch Unit for Molecular Carcinogenesis at the University of York, in collaboration with the Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering at the University of Leeds and Tissue Regenix Plc, where my research investigated the macrophage phenotype in response to biological scaffolds (biomaterials) used in regenerative medicine. Following my PhD I worked briefly in Laboratory Medicine at York District Hospital before moving to the histology services company, Histotech. I joined the Kennedy Institute in 2013 as part of the ARUK Centre for Osteoarthritis Pathogenesis histology team.

As part of the Powrie group I provide research support and help with the day-to-day running of the laboratory. I also provide advice/assist with imaging techniques/microscopy, histology, immunofluorescence and immunohistochemistry for the group.

My research interests are in specialist cell culture techniques such as whole tissue organ culture and 3D cell culture on both natural and synthetic scaffolds. In particular I am interested in the role of the immune system in tissue regeneration/wound healing and the process of inflammation resolution.

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