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Sharon Love

Senior Statistician

Statistical excellence in collaborative projects ensuring high quality efficient medical research

I am keen that medical research is useful, of good quality and efficient, such that as much as possible is obtained from each research project. To this end, I lead a team of grant-funded statisticians providing collaborative input to medical research. Our input throughout the trial ensures a good efficient design, that issues are sorted during the trial while changes are possible, a pre-specified well-executed analysis, and quality dissemination in relevant forums. We work with clinical teams so that we can discuss ideas early on. I have recently introduced newer trial designs, managing the link between theory and practice.

I am the senior statistician for several trials, including AspECT (a multicentre randomised controlled factorial trial considering if a high dose of proton pump inhibitor or daily aspirin decreases the risk of cancer or death in patients with Barrett’s oesophagus), MErCuRIC (a phase I study of MEK1/2 inhibitors combined with cMET inhibitor PF-02341066 in patients with colorectal cancer) and ELAD (a multicentre randomised controlled trial assessing the effectiveness of liraglutide for Alzheimer’s patients).

Training for collaborative statisticians is hugely important. At the Centre for Statistics in Medicine, we pair all collaborative statisticians with senior statisticians in each project and encourage in depth and continuous training by a mixture of on-the-job and external training courses. Being a collaborative statistician requires unique skills and understanding to keep your skill set moving forward, and I put effort into making this happen.

Nationally I am on Data and Safety Monitoring Committees and Trial Steering Committees for 15 trials. Having introduced newer early phase designs in Oxford, I am also part of a national initiative to promote the use of these designs, the National Institute of Health Research Statistics Group early-phase clinical trial initiative.

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