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Sophie Reynolds

Clinical Trial Manager

I joined SITU (NDS) in February 2023 as a Clinical Trial Manager for two device trials ESCRS-TORIC and MOLL. ESCRS-TORIC sets out to discover weather Toric intraocular lenses provide better vision without glasses and greater patient satisfaction in a cost-effective way in patients with mild astigmatism, by comparing relative outcomes and cost effectiveness of cataract surgery with conventional and Toric intraocular lenses.

MOLL is a feasibility RCT evaluating a novel magnetic technique for localisation, compared to the standard wire-guided excision for breast conserving surgery. The trial aims to determine if the magnetic technique is acceptable, the RCT is feasible and if this technique can reduce the amount of tissue excised during breast conserving surgery, which is expected to reduce re-excision rates.

Prior to joining SITU, I was a Quality Assurance Administrator for the Early Phase and Late Phase Oncology and Haematology Research Teams at the Churchill Hospital, Oxford and as a Senior Data Manager for the Early Phase Clinical Trials Unit based within the Department of Oncology, University of Oxford.