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Kennedy Trust Prize Studentships

ID Title Internal supervisors Phase End date
KIR-2023/3 Tissue tropism in PD-1 therapy Christopher Buckley 2023 KIR Clinical
KIR-2023/4 Illuminating T cells in their local microenvironments to understand how they sense and adapt to their trigger during infection. Audrey Gérard, Tal Arnon 2023 KIR Clinical
KIR-2023/5 Significance of cytoskeletal filaments coordination in immunity and cell migration Yoshi Itoh, Michael Dustin 2023 KIR Clinical
KIR-2023/11 The role of immunity in cardiovascular disease Claudia Monaco, Lea Dib 2023 KIR Clinical
KIR-2023/13 Ultra-high throughput analysis of immunoglobulin repertoires in acute HIV infection before and after initiation of antiretroviral therapy Lynn Dustin, John Frater 2023 KIR Clinical
KIR-2023/15 Suppressing mechanoflammation in osteoarthritis by targeting apoptosis-signal regulating kinase-1 Tonia Vincent, Alex Clarke, Linyi Zhu 2023 KIR Clinical
KIR-2023/16 Genetic determinants of tertiary lymphoid structures formation in solid tumours Daniele Biasci, Christopher Buckley, Mark Coles 2023 KIR Clinical