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Have You Thought of a Career in Medical Research 

Claire Pearson - An unplanned journey to lab management

I was really interested in how the natural world works, so decided to study biology at university. I became fascinated by the immune system and how it responds to infections, but was also interested in the practicalities of how labs function. I’ve combined both interests by working as a laboratory manager in an immunology lab, with both the science and the logistical aspects of organising the day-to-day running of a lab.


Sophie Cole - Can you put a price on your health?

I’m interested in finding out how much treatments for musculoskeletal conditions in the NHS cost and whether they are the best possible option for the patient. This means considering both the health benefits to the patients and the cost of the treatment to the NHS. My overall aim is to help decision making and guide health policy so that future patients will benefit from the best treatments.


Simon Knight -