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Doug Altman

Professor of Statistics in Medicine and Director of the UK EQUATOR Centre

Nigel Arden

Professor in Rheumatic Diseases

Tal Arnon

Kennedy Trust of Rheumatology Research (KTRR) Senior Research Fellow

Nicholas Athanasou

Professorship of Musculoskeletal Pathology

Karen Barker

Clinical Director

David Beard

Professor of Musculoskeletal Sciences

Jelena Bezbradica Mirkovic

KTRR Senior Research Fellow

Paul Bowness

Professor of Experimental Rheumatology

Cameron Brown

Associate Professor in Biomedical Engineering and Materials

Andrew Carr

Head of Department

Gary Collins

Professor of Medical Statistics and Deputy Director of CSM

Jonathan Cook

Associate Professor

Cyrus Cooper

Professor of Musculoskeletal Science, University of Oxford

Matthew Costa

Professor of Orthopaedic Trauma Surgery

Lynn Dustin

Professor of Immunology and Virology

Michael Dustin

Professor of Immunology and Wellcome Principal Research Fellow, Director of ...

Claire Edwards

Associate Professor of Bone Oncology

James Edwards

Arthritis Research UK Career Development Fellow

Jeremy Fairbank

Professor of Spine Surgery

Sir Marc Feldmann FRS

Emeritus Professor

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Maha Abdul Azeez

Clinical Research Fellow

Enas Abu Shah

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Juul Achten

Research Manager - Oxford Trauma

Busola Adedire

NIHR Systematic Review Fellow

David Ahern

Research Associate

Naz Ahmed

Clinical Trials Data Entry Clerk / General Assistant

Hussein Al-Mossawi

NIHR Clinical Lecturer in Rheumatology

M Sanni Ali

Senior Research Associate in Pharmacoepidemiology

Usama Ali

Medical Statistician

Ghada Alsaleh

Postdoctoral Researcher in Immunology and Autophagy

Abtin Alvand

NIHR Academic Clinical Lecturer in Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgery

Robert Amess

Statistician / Data Manager

Louise Appleton

Research Assistant

Carolina Arancibia

Research Fellow

Yoanna Ariosa-Morejon

Daphne Jackson Fellow

Moustafa Attar

Research Associate in Single Cell Genomics

Susan Aungier

Postdoctoral researcher

Vandana Ayyar Gupta

Trial coordinator

Stefan Balint

Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Molecular Immunology

Cathy Ball


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JoyAnn Andrews

Personal Assistant to Professor Udo Oppermann

Laura Arnel

Executive Assistant to Professor of Orthopaedic Trauma Surgery

Hannah Ashby

Clinical Trials Data Entry Clerk/ General Assistant, Kadoorie Centre

Joseph Barrett

Clinical Research Network Programmer

Tiphaine Bouriez-Jones

Kennedy Institute Laboratory Manager

Jo Brown

Clinical Research Co-ordinator

Sara Butler

Executive Assistant to Fiona Powrie

Marta Campolier

Clinical Trials Administrative Coordinator

Katie Chegwin

Apprentice Clinical Trial Support Officer

Oliver Conway

Clinical Trials Administrator

Francesca Corra

Artist in Residence, Centre for OA Pathogenesis

Julie Damnjanovic

Personal Assistant to Prof. Nigel Arden

Alison Davies

Clinical Research Nurse

Jackie Davies

Research Associate in Patient Based Research

Sue Davolls

Executive Assistant to the Co-Director of OCTRU (Prof. Sallie Lamb)

Edmarcia De Araujo

CRN Research Facilitator

Jennifer De Beyer

Research Coordinator

Karen Doig

Research Nurse

Rachel Dorman

Clinical Trials Study Coordinator

James Dunford

Senior Research Associate

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Roxanna Abhari

DPhil Student

Simon Abram

Clinical Research Fellow in Orthopaedics

Hannah Almuttaqi

DPhil Student

Roshan Amarasena

MSc Taught Programme Student

Christopher Anthony

MSc Taught Programme Student

Alex Aquilina

DPhil Student and Clinical Research Fellow in Orthopaedic Trauma

Mathew Baldwin

DPhil Student

Lee Bayliss

DPhil Student

Morgan Baynham-Williams

MSc Student

Michael Beverly

DPhil Student

Federica Borghese

DPhil Student

Hannah Brazier

DPhil Student

John Broomfield

DPhil Student

Catherine Bryer

MSc Taught programme

Ed Burn

DPhil student

Stefano Campi

MSc Student

Noman Chaudhry

DPhil Student

Ying-Chun Chen

DPhil Student

Agnieszka Chomka

DPhil Student

Laura Collins

DPhil Student

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Jehan Afrose

Honorary Departmental Research Assistant working with Prof. Michael Dustin and ...

Ulrike Bilgram

Honorary Departmental Project Coordinator

Pablo Cespedes

Honorary Research Fellow

David Culliford

Honorary Senior Medical Statistician

Benjamin Davies

Honorary Research Fellow

David Depoil

Honorary Departmental Research Associate

Andreas Edsfeldt

Honorary Departmental Researcher

Andrew Freidin

Honorary Departmental Clinical Research Fellow

Matthew Gardiner

Honorary Departmental Clinical Lecturer in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

David Izadi

Honorary Departmental Clinical Research Fellow

Sujin Kang

Honorary Departmental Medical Statistician

Joanna Kawalkowska

Honorary Departmental Researcher

Pradeep Kumar Sacitharan

Honorary Departmental Researcher

Hilene Lin

Honorary Departmental Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Emilie Lostis

MSc student

Fernando Martinez Estrada

Honorary Departmental Senior Research Associate

Kay Mcnamee

Honorary Departmental Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Paul Monk

Honorary Departmental Clinical Lecturer in Orthopaedics

Anna Piccinini

Honorary Departmental Senior Research Associate

James Smith

Postdoctoral Research Associate

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Mojirayo Aina

Administrative Assistant (Purchasing)

Dave Banfield

Technical Services Manager

Alan Bateman

Senior Laboratory Technician

Maen Bazo

Senior Laboratory and Buildings Assistant

Edward Bond

Grants Assistant (Post-Award)

Adrian Brown

Technical Services Manager

Monique Brown

Deputy Personnel Manager

Sam Burnell

Graduate Studies Officer

Simon Cooper

IT Officer

Joanna Czekajska

Personnel Officer

Sasha Dahl

Purchasing Officer

Bethany Damms

Administrative Assistant

Simon Emmanuel

Finance Assistant

Natalie Ford

Outreach and Public Engagement Officer

Nicholas Gee

Grounds Maintenance and Laboratory Services Technician

Rosie Glenn

Finance Officer

Maria Granell Moreno

Equality and Diversity Advisor

Robert Grayson

Administrative Assistant

Jacqueline Harris

ORTEM Course Administrator

Helen Heyworth

Head of Finance

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