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The latest updates on our research and how it is improving people’s lives.

NDORMS researchers leading a virtual study-a-thon to tackle COVID-19

Botnar Main

The Observational Health Data Sciences and Informatics (OHDSI) international community will host a COVID-19 virtual study-a-thon this week (March 26-29) to inform healthcare decision-making in response to the current global pandemic.

Coronavirus information - what we are doing at NDORMS to support our staff and students and the community

Botnar Kennedy Main

NDORMS announces the closure of the Kennedy and Botnar Institutes and outlines other plans and activities for the department during the pandemic.

The rationale and ethics of placebo controls in surgical trials

Main Publication

A new Review, published in the Lancet, analyses the use of placebo controls in surgery and offers a practical checklist for researchers designing trials.

Researchers identify markers in joint fluid that could be the key to cartilage repair

Arthritis Kennedy Knee Main

Molecular changes in the joint fluid during surgical joint distraction reveal markers that may drive cartilage repair in osteoarthritis.

CRUK success for NDORMS researchers

Funding Kennedy Main

Investigators based at the Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology, NDORMS have recently received CRUK awards to increase understanding of a variety of cancers and immunotherapy.

Skin cancer diagnosis apps are unreliable and poorly regulated, study shows


Smartphone apps used as 'early warning systems' for skin cancer are poorly regulated and frequently cannot be relied upon to produce accurate results, according to new analysis by Abhilash Jain at NDORMS.

Sponsored place available for the Randomised Controlled Trials Course

Funding Main

The inaugural Doug Altman scholarship will be offered to an LMIC (lower-to-middle-income country) applicant or a student.

Two prestigious Hunterian Professorships awarded to NDORMS researchers

Awards Main

Professor Matthew Costa and Dr David Metcalfe have both been awarded Hunterian Professorships for 2020 by the Royal College of Surgeons of England

Incisional negative pressure wound therapy found to be no more effective than standard dressings

Main Orthopaedics and trauma Trauma

A new method of treating wounds after major trauma costing nearly £150 per dressing is no more effective in reducing surgical infection rates than a standard wound dressing priced under £2, potentially saving the NHS millions.

Researchers recommend early walking in a brace for Achilles tendon rupture

Main Orthopaedics and trauma Trauma

A new study from NDORMS reveals a breakthrough for sportsmen and women in the treatment of Achilles tendon rupture.

Research Review of SARAH from Pedro


In a new podcast Sallie Lamb, Head of the Rehabilitation Research Group at NDORMS talks about SARAH, the Strengthening and Stretching for Rheumatoid Arthritis of the Hand Trial.

Multidisciplinary project will explore AI in healthcare


Professor Kassim Javaid has joined an interdisciplinary team embarking on a new 3-year project to advise on the best practice of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare to ensure it benefits everyone in the UK and Japan.

Two new Associate Professors at NDORMS

Botnar Kennedy Main

Dr Fiona Watt and Professor Stephanie Dakin announced as Associate Professors

New collaboration will help researchers understand why cancer survival between patients differs

Kennedy Main Oncology

NDORMS researchers join five other universities to investigate how cancer survivors make antibodies that target and destroy tumours, and explore routes for new treatments

Professor Eleanor Stride finalist in prestigious Blavatnik Awards for Young Scientists in the UK

Awards Main

Founder of the awards Sir Leonard Blavatnik said "We are incredibly proud to elevate these select scientists to an international stage that will enable them to be recognised globally, prepare them to become world-class leaders in their scientific fields, and propel the wheel of innovation and societal progress."

New therapeutic target identified in spondyloarthritis

Arthritis Kennedy Main

A new study published in Nature Communications identifies a key driver of joint and intestinal inflammation that could lead to future treatment of the chronic inflammatory disease.

Study reveals how cancer cells use bone marrow fat for growth and survival

Bone oncology Main Research

As society battles with an obesity epidemic, new research from the Edwards group shows how increased body fat contributes to cancer establishment and progression.

Cancer progression may be controlled by targeting tumor-specific extracellular matrix

Kennedy Main Oncology Research

Researchers have uncovered how tumors exploit tenascin-C to deflect the body’s natural defence against them.

Professor Karen Barker recognised in New Year Honours List

Awards Main

The Head of Physiotherapy at NDORMS was awarded an OBE as was Dr Tom Hughes who teaches Emergency Medicine to NDORMS undergraduates.

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