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Staff member pointing at computer screen with a student

In NDORMS you will be part of a supportive network of colleagues, with access to learning and development opportunities and a comprehensive benefits package.

We are regularly adding a range of new posts to join our dynamic, friendly Department. We are committed to recruiting on merit after fair and open selection, and we welcome applications from a diverse range of candidates.

We work hard to enable our staff to use their skills and talents to build a rewarding career. Throughout your career in our Department you will never stop learning.


NDORMS promotion procedure aims to ensure that the Department and University offer promotion opportunities to staff taking account of the individual’s career profile and pathway.

Reward and recognition scheme:

This annual scheme is for both Academic-Related and Support Staff and has two elements:

Awards for Excellence Scheme

The purpose of the Awards for Excellence Scheme is to recognise staff contributions to the work of the University/Department and to reward exceptional individual contributions.

The scheme recognises contributions over and above your normal responsibilities and rewards employees who have performed well in all the key areas of their jobs, and have consistently demonstrated exceptional performance, significantly above that which might reasonably have been expected for their grade.

Recognition Scheme

The purpose of the Recognition Scheme is to reward one-off contributions or examples of high performance by individuals or teams at any time (e.g. the delivery of an important departmental initiative, or an idea that leads to a saving or service improvement).

Nominations for the recognition scheme should be made by managers and consist of a brief case to the Head of Department.

For more information regarding the Reward and Recognition Scheme please contact the HR team.

Recognition of Distinction

The University’s annual Recognition of Distinction (RoD) exercise invites senior researchers to apply for the titles of University Research Lecturer, Associate Professor or Full Professor in appreciation of their substantial contribution to research, teaching and good citizenship. The titles are awarded through a staged departmental, divisional and central process that includes external international peer review. The benchmark is an equivalent level of attainment expected of such titles at other major research-intensive universities. The RoD process specifically considers equality and diversity and invites disclosure of relevant personal circumstances.

Every year members of the NDORMS Board liaise with the HR team to identify suitable candidates and encourage them to apply, e.g. through discussion at PDR. Those not yet eligible are supported to develop the skills/experience they will need to make an application in the future.

For more information regarding the Recognition of Distinction Scheme please contact the HR team.


Staff whose role has grown such that they are required to work ‘above’ their grade can apply for their post to be re-graded. Every year the NDORMS board consider which members of staff may be suitable for re-grading. Staff are encouraged to discuss re-grading opportunities at their PDRs. 

Two people in a meeting

Personal Development Reviews (PDRs) offer an opportunity for all staff to step back from day-to-day pressures to discuss their role and responsibilities, reflect on the previous year's achievements and explore career progression.  The annual PDR discussion is also a chance to gain feedback, identify objectives and priorities for the coming year, and consider development needs.

We hope that all staff find the PDR scheme a positive and valuable means of integrating your personal career development aspirations with the objectives of the Department and the wider University.

Visit our Intranet to find out more about NDORMS PDR scheme, PDR Toolkit and guidance!

Jonathan Rees

“I want NDORMS to be the University department where everybody wants to work. While many will feel NDORMS is already a healthy, inclusive and supportive workplace, we can and must always do better. Both the department and I are committed to a zero tolerance policy on bullying and harassment. We now have 9 trained B&H advisors who can listen and give support to anyone who feels they are being bullied or harassed. We are now also the first University department to have our own mediation service. Together we can make NDORMS the place we all want to work and I am committed to supporting you all in achieving that goal."

Professor Jonathan Rees, Head of Department 

See the NDORMS Bullying and Harassment policy.