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Have You Thought of a Career in Medical Research 7 July 2021

Angus WannAnne Francis and Jennifer Cane

Dr Angus KT Wann : The opportunity to explore a new bit of the cell

My research uses the exploration of a relatively unknown part of the cell, largely previously ignored, to understand how the cells in our body make decisions. Looking back, it has been a combination of considered decisions and serendipidous meetings that has shaped my career so far. 


Dr Anne Francis: Science out of the lab

Having decided not to continue in lab-based biological sciences research, I sought a career that would use my scientific knowledge & training as well as my ability to organise.  Having realised that clinical research would be a good fit for this I sought my first job and have never looked back.  15 years later, having worked my way up I now manage a small team of staff who run clinical trials.


Dr Jenny Cane: Take a deep breath – respiratory research

I've always been interested in biology but wasn't sure which part I wanted to pursue or what career that would lead me to. I studied a broad degree of Biological Sciences where I found I most enjoyed learning about diseases and response to infection. This led me to complete a PhD in lung disease and I now work as a scientist investigating the mechanisms that underlie changes seen in airways disease.