Working for NDORMS is stimulating and varied, and will give you the opportunity to contribute to research that improves people’s quality of life.

In NDORMS we actively promote a culture that supports a work–life balance and family friendly work ethic, where everyone appreciates and values a flexible workplace. It is our intention to allow all of our staff to lead a balanced and fulfilling life. 

We create a working environment that promotes honesty, equality and fairness and we pride ourselves on the good working relationship that we are able to build with all our staff.

We hope this interactive toolkit helps you settle into the department and helps you to navigate through the different stages in your working-life. Click inside to find support about Oxford accommodation, shopping, transport, kids nurseries and schools, top tips and helpful contacts.

A booklet of the 2019 NDORMS Toolkit

Read the 2019 NDORMS Toolkit.


NDORMS embraces, values and supports its staff and students at all levels. The Department has successfully been awarded three Athena SWAN awards since 2012. Our awards over the years recognise our efforts to promote a diverse and inclusive culture for all our staff and students.

NDORMS renewed its Athena SWAN Silver Award in October 2018. An Athena SWAN silver award means an institution has progressed in embedding the Athena principles within its culture whilst holding a significant record and achievement in addressing gender equality more broadly for the benefit of all staff and students.


 Our Department's Silver Action Plan includes:

  • Welcome and support for new staff
  • Strengthen our departmental Mentoring and Personal Development Review (PDRs) schemes
  • Support for students and post-docs on their career progression
  • Improving staff awareness of promotion opportunities
  • Raise staff awareness on reporting systems on bullying and harassment
  • Support outreach activities

Read more in our application for the Athena Swan Silver Award.


Infographic showing the story of Athena Swan

See the full infographic of the story of Athena Swan and read the full text.

Meet the NDORMS Athena Swan Team

Our NDORMS Athena Swan Team meets termly to ensure progress with the Action Plan. The Athena process encouraged self-reflection, give us the opportunity to celebrate current successes and provides a framework for introducing organisational and cultural changes that truly provide the open, supportive and family-friendly research environment that we aim to have.

Montage for the Athena Swan team at NDORMS

At NDORMS we do our best to look after our staff. We aim to support and promote everyone in NDORMS regardless of who they are, their gender,  or where they come from!

NDORMS International Women's Day 2019

Meet our Equality and Diversity Advisor, Maria Granell Moreno

Maria Granell Moreno










Strongly recommended trainings run in the department annually

Implicit Bias training:

We all have implicit biases, whether or not we are aware of them or act onthem.Thisworkshop will give an overview of the origins of implicit bias, and include a discussion on practical steps that individuals and teams can take to reduce the probability that implicit bias will manifest itself in their decisions and actions.  'orange quote in application' 


Very useful; this training sends a message to all that the Department takes equality and diversity seriously! Thanks for organising it!
- Implicit Bias training participant

 Responsible Bystander Training:

In this short workshop we aim to explore your options as a bystander to bullying and harassment, what you can do in the moment and/or after the event.  Three of our Anti-Bullying and Harassment advisors have been trained by the Equality and Diversity Unit to provide this training. 



Thank you for an excellent empowering workshop! You three are a powerhouse and we're lucky to have you!
- Participant at anti-bullying week 2019

If you would like to be an Anti-Bullying and harassment champion contact our Equality and Diversity advisor to attend this training.