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Wellcome Collaborative Postdoctoral Research Associate (169794)

Closing date: 18 December 2023

Kennedy Research

Joining Professor Michael Dustin’s research group, you will become a member of a collaborative research team spanning the Immunological Synapse lab at the Kennedy Institute and the Laboratory of Molecular Parasitology in Biochemistry with responsibility for carrying out research on biophysics of inhibitory receptors on immune cells in the context of immune evasion by Plasmodium falciparum protozoan parasites.

Postdoctoral Researcher in Microbial Informatics (169853)

Closing date: 18 December 2023

Kennedy Research

The Kennedy Institute are seeking a Postdoctoral Researcher with experience in bioinformatics/computational biology and a strong interest in human genetics and the microbiome.

Project Manager (169851)

Closing date: 18 December 2023

NDORMS Research support

Contribute to the successful running of the growing portfolio of Experimental Medicine studies involving human immune challenge.

Clinical Trial Manager (169671)

Closing date: 19 December 2023

Botnar NDORMS Research support

We are seeking a Clinical Trial Manager to take day to day responsibility for the management of one or more clinical trials within the Experimental Medicine and Rheumatology (EMR) trials group.

Production Assistant in Electrospinning (169718)

Closing date: 5 January 2024

Botnar Research support

We are looking for an enthusiastic individual with strong teamwork skills to join our team.

Senior Clinical Trial Manager (169638)

Closing date: 15 January 2024

Botnar NDORMS Research support

The purpose of this role is to contribute to the work of the Surgical Intervention Trials Unit (SITU) which is based at the Botnar Institute and would be suitable for someone who has experience of managing clinical trials and is looking for the next step in their career progression.