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NDORMS and NDS are running a joint online work experience week for Year 12 students. A selection of online talks is available for any Y12 student to book. Places are limited and allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Monday 5th July 4pm

From Horses to Humans - Professor Steph Dakin

Professor Stephanie Dakin will deliver a talk on 'From horses to humans: a journey to understand joint disease’, drawing on her previous experience as a veterinary surgeon through to her current role as Associate Professor of Musculoskeletal Sciences.

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Tuesday 6th July 2pm

Global Surgery: Working in theatres in the NHS and building theatres in Africa -  Professor Chris Lavy

Professor Chris Lavy worked as a surgeon for 10 years in Malawi, and has helped to set up a training college for surgeons that now operates in 14 countries in Africa. He has also built three children’s hospitals in Africa. In this talk he will share about why it is so important to support surgical care in sub-Saharan Africa.

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Wednesday 7th July 4pm

Have You Thought of a Career in Medical Research 

Angus Wann, Anne Francis and Jennifer Cane

Dr Angus KT Wann : The opportunity to explore a new bit of the cell

My research uses the exploration of a relatively unknown part of the cell, largely previously ignored, to understand how the cells in our body make decisions. Looking back, it has been a combination of considered decisions and serendipidous meetings that has shaped my career so far. 


Dr Anne Francis: Science out of the lab

Having decided not to continue in lab-based biological sciences research, I sought a career that would use my scientific knowledge & training as well as my ability to organise.  Having realised that clinical research would be a good fit for this I sought my first job and have never looked back.  15 years later, having worked my way up I now manage a small team of staff who run clinical trials.


Dr Jenny Cane: Take a deep breath – respiratory research

I've always been interested in biology but wasn't sure which part I wanted to pursue or what career that would lead me to. I studied a broad degree of Biological Sciences where I found I most enjoyed learning about diseases and response to infection. This led me to complete a PhD in lung disease and I now work as a scientist investigating the mechanisms that underlie changes seen in airways disease. 

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Thursday 8th July

Have You Thought of a Career in Medical Research

Susan Wagland, Claudia Fraser and Stuart Faulkner


Dr Susan Wagland: What is the best way to treat a broken ankle?

After my PhD I decided to go into clinical trials, where I could use both my science research experience, and my organisational and administrative skills. I am embedded in an academic research environment, where we are testing treatments for musculoskeletal injuries. I love communicating with our recruiting hospitals and our patient participants, and the precision of data collection and analysis. Every trial has different, interesting challenges and our results will directly benefit future NHS patients.


Stuart Faulkner : The never-ending story of a scientist

Variation has always been my mantra – never doing the same things again and again for too long. I love science and all that surrounds it. From discovering how the brain develops in the lab, to how we can work with doctors and industry to help repair parts of the body using stem cells, to how to reach agreement on new ways to bring drugs to patients quicker across the whole of Europe. It has been, and still, is a never-ending story in the world of science.

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Have You Thought of a Career in Medical Research Talks are part of a joint initiative between NDORMS, NDS and NIHR.  For further information please see our schools page.