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Susan Wagland

BA, BSc, MSc, PhD

Clinical Trials Manager

Orthopaedic trauma

I am currently trial manager for REACH, a study of rehabilitation strategies in patients with shoulder fractures.

In the FAME trial we are looking at the best treatment for unstable ankle fractures in adults aged up to 60 years old: surgical treatment or non-surgical treatment with close contact casting. The AIM Trial looked at the same treatments for adults aged over 60.

In UKSTAR we wanted to know whether patients with Achilles tendon ruptures treated non-surgically have a better outcome depending on whether they were immobilised in a plaster cast or an orthopaedic brace (walking boot). 

The PATH-2 study investigated the effect of platelet rich plasma as a non-surgical treatment for Achilles tendon ruptures, and found that it offers patients no benefit. 

I have seven years’ experience of clinical trial management, and prior to this I was an IT consultant and a university administrator.

During my PhD at Brunel University London, I worked on breast cancer. I also have a BSc in Life Sciences from the Open University, an MSc from Brunel in Molecular Medicine with Cancer Research, and a BA in Modern Languages from the University of Oxford.