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Oxford Trauma and Emergency Care

NIHR Associate principal investigator (api) scheme

Oxford Trauma and Emergency Care are keen to welcome and support trainees engaging with our portfolio of studies. We keenly support the NIHR Associate Principal Investigator (API) scheme, and work with NIHR to ensure that trainees are appropriately recognised for their participation in research delivery.

There are several levels of participation in our studies:

Before you start - We encourage trainees to undertake GCP training and GRANULE (a course about how to engage people in clinical trials, including explaining randomisation and dealing with patient preferences etc). These are available for free by registering here using an NHS e-mail (the link is GRANULE is developed by surgeons in Bristol and is actually really useful!

Recruiting - We encourage you to speak to the people leading the trial at your centre. We would like you to get on the ‘delegation log’ to be able to recruit. Each time that you recruit, we will send you a certificate for your portfolio.

Associate PI - You can register to become an Associate PI, which is a formal NIHR scheme. The aim is to train the site investigators of the future. If you fulfil the requirement of NIHR, then you will get a certificate for your portfolio. 

Authorship - Each of our studies have specific requirements to become a recognised collaborator on the trial. There is a slightly different scoring system for each trial - which differs based on how much work different parts of the study are - i.e. some studies are hard to recruit to, therefore more ‘points’ will be awarded for recruitment, compared to perhaps follow-up. It is your responsibility to present us the evidence requested to prove that you have acquired sufficient points to be a collaborator. 

To find out about then Associate PI scheme, and collaborative authorship for each of our studies, then follow then download the relevant trial documents below: