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Based on the feedback from the participants, the conference venue will once more be the Certosa di Pontignano. This beautiful abbey lies in the Tuscan hills, in a secluded spot which limits the dispersion of participants. The rooms and lecture halls, which can be used for breakout discussions, are arranged around two cloisters and surrounded by beautiful gardens.

A number of smaller rooms are freely available for quiet discussions or taking a pause in comfort. The Certosa houses an excellent catering service, which will provide meals and coffee breaks for all participants. The Certosa offers an ideal space for the poster session, which will take place outdoors in the shelter of the cloisters. The beauty and seclusion of the site, with its quiet walks around the cloisters and the beautiful surrounding landscape, will contribute greatly to establish a friendly and productive atmosphere and stimulate interactions.


How to reach the venue


Certosa di Pontignano

loc. Pontignano, 5

53019 Castelnuovo Berardenga (SI),


Tel: 0577-1521104

We will arrange shuttle transport from and to the two closest airports (Florence, 60 km; Pisa, 90 km) on the first and last day of the workshop.

When possible, we will encourage train travel rather than air travel. We will encourage train travel from Florence or Pisa to Siena and arrange a free shuttle from Siena train station to the Certosa as an alternative to the shuttle from the airports.

There are also 5-6 buses daily that run from the Siena Train Station to the Certosa at a cost of €2 and we will provide the schedule and make suggestions to coordinate the train and public bus schedules from and to the Siena train station. This takes about twice as long as a direct shuttle due to multiple stops.