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Aim: To provide new Chief Investigators with a greater understanding of the role a CI including the practicalities of the conduct and delivery of clinical trials including drug, device and surgical trials.

Course objectives:

  • To understand the importance of leadership and building an effective trial team
  • To understand the principles of effectively running a trial
  • To gain ‘secrets of the trade’ from experienced Chief Investigators
  • To explore statistical aspects of trial conduct, data monitoring and interim analysis
  • To understand current regulatory requirements for clinical trials
  • To give an overview of reporting and increasing the usability of trials

Venue: Botnar Research Centre, University of Oxford, Windmill Road, Oxford, OX3 7LF

Target audience: This course is specifically targeted at new investigators whose trial has been funded or who are in later stages of their funding application.

Cost: £75 

CPD Credits have been applied for.


Please note places are limited. Please email for further details.