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Many hundreds of thousands of randomised trials have been conducted adding significantly to our understanding of how best to improve health outcomes. In spite of this, very little research has been done on how to improve the way in which these trials are done.

Studies Within A Trial (SWATs) has been proposed as a way to improve the situation. Basically this involves building into big trials - smaller studies that specifically try to find out better ways to do the research, which will improve the way in which studies are conducted. For example, by understanding the best ways to ensure good recruitment rates at different sites, by improving patient adherence, or by increasing follow up response rates.

 The aim of this workshop are too:

  • Understand the process and principles of conducting a SWAT.
  • Generate ideas for conducting future SWATs within OCTRU trials.
  • Create (in small groups) an outline for one or two priority SWATs which potentially could be embedded and implemented within a current or future OCTRU trial after agreement by the CI and wider team if funds and resources allow.

Places need to be booked on this course.

Please email to book.