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Young Athlete's Hip Conference and Workshops

A Young Athlete’s Hip Research (YAHiR) Collaborative initiative

Partnering to promote and protect athletes’ hip health

Overall Objectives

Following this conference you will be able to:

  1. Discuss the natural history of hip morphologies: primary cam morphology, pincer morphology and dysplasia
  2. Recommend a strategy to manage psychological consequences of hip pain
  3. Develop an evidence-based diagnostic approach to femoroacetabular impingement (FAI) syndrome and primary cam morphology in the young athlete
  4. Construct a best-practice treatment plan for the young athlete with FAI syndrome
  5. Appreciate the causal association between hip morphologies and hip osteoarthritis
  6. Discuss decision-making with the patient on best practice management of FAI syndrome in the young athlete
  7. Develop a return-to-sport strategy for athletes with FAI syndrome (for those managed non-surgically and surgically)
  8. Incorporate the lived experiences of athletes with FAI syndrome into your clinical and research practice
  9. Construct a research plan to answer pertinent questions in the field of hip-related pain in young athletes
  10. Perform and interpret in-clinic hip and groin ultrasound


In-person (limited to 120 participants): £395; early bird by 15 June: £340

In-person participants will be given the option to register for the four workshops and the hip-and-groin ultrasound masterclass on a first come first serve basis.

Online: £50 (Students and low-income countries: £20)

For registered participants unable to attend live, all sessions marked ‘*’ in the conference agenda will be recorded and available on demand.

Conference dinner: £75 (limited tickets)

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