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The main purpose of this role is to provide a public and patient perspective into the NDORMS research programme.

NDORMS has two Patient Partner Groups: The OPEN ARMS group and the Kennedy Patient Partner Group (KPPG). We will share opportunities to join these groups via the OPEN ARMS mail list, which you can sign up to here.

Our vision is to create a community of impassioned, informed and determined people to support and provide advice through involvement in the development and conduct of research at NDORMS. We aim to ensure that the best patient-focussed research is offered on behalf of the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

What is involved?

  • Being a voice of patients in research activities.
  • Supporting NDORMS researchers with the prioritisation, development, and conduct of high-quality research.
  • Assisting with the promoting and understanding of research and research participation for patients, their carers members of the public.
  • Encouraging diversity and inclusivity of access to research activities.
  • Establishing working groups to develop resources and policies to support the development of PPI, linking with local and national groups to promote PPI in research where necessary.
  • Supporting new members and members of the widening PPI Network to undertake PPI activities.
  • Providing the National Institute for Health Research Oxford Biomedical Research Centre (NIHR OxBRC) Board (and consequently the NIHR) with assurances that its strategy for PPI is being implemented.
  • Where appropriate, providing support to initiatives for improving patient care and services at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, and signpost patients and carers to resources for support.
  • Having an awareness of the PPI budget by receiving six monthly updates from the PPI Coordinator.


You do not need any specialist research or medical knowledge to volunteer. Additional information to explain about our research process will be provided.  Training in research methods and the role will be available if this would be helpful.


Patient partners will be offered renumeration for their time during participation in the group and reimbursement for any expenses incurred such as transport costs. This will be offered via a Payment Request Form and separate Expenses Claim form (reimbursement typically can take 4-6 weeks).

How we will use your data

NDORMS Open Arms Patient Partner Privacy Notice