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Applications for these projects are now closed.

ID Title Internal supervisors Phase
NDORMS 2024/13 Towards equity in medicine with big health data, epidemiology, and artificial intelligence Sara Khalid, Laura Coates, Danielle Newby, Gary Collins 2024
NDORMS 2024/14 Artificial Intelligence for climate-health mitigation and adaptation Sara Khalid, Marta Pineda, Laura Coates 2024
NDORMS 2024/01 Identify new drug targets for treating OA by inducing autophagy Ghada Alsaleh, James Edwards 2024
NDORMS 2024/02 Unlocking Insights from Real-World Evidence: Exploring the Safety of Drug Combinations Ed Burn, Danielle Newby, Annika Jödicke, Albert Prats-Uribe, Daniel Prieto-Alhambra 2024
NDORMS 2024/03 Improving outcomes following hip fracture in Nepal (3 year studentship) Matthew Costa, Jonathan Cook 2024
NDORMS 2024/04 Using long-read sequencing to identify new druggable targets in Multiple Myeloma Adam Cribbs, Udo Oppermann, Anjan Thakurta, Sarah Gooding 2024
NDORMS 2024/05 Elucidating T cell phenotype and function in frozen shoulder Stephanie Dakin 2024
NDORMS 2024/06 Sex differences and the interplay of androgens and oestrogens in the modulation of human immune responses James Fullerton, Christopher Buckley, Laura Coates 2024
NDORMS 2024/07 Psychometric sensitivity analyses for clinical trials and observational studies that use patient-reported outcome measures Conrad Harrison, David Beard 2024
NDORMS 2024/08 Evaluating the efficacy of interventions for idiopathic toe-walking in children. Research proposal for prospective DPhil student (3-year project) Alpesh Kothari, Julie Stebbins 2024
NDORMS 2024/09 Real world evidence in the study of different subtypes of breast, lung, and prostate cancers: phenotyping, synthetic arm trials, and target trial emulation Daniel Prieto-Alhambra, Martí Català Sabaté 2024
NDORMS 2024/11 Identification and modification of the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying unsuccessful knee replacements for osteoarthritis Sarah Snelling, Adam Cribbs, Jolet Mimpen 2024
NDORMS 2024/12 Scaphoid fractures: Identifying the cellular targets and key molecular pathways for improved repair outcomes Sarah Snelling, Adam Cribbs, Philippa Hulley 2024
NDORMS 2024/10 How can trials and real-world evidence provide the best possible evidence on the benefits and risks of implantable devices? Daniel Prieto-Alhambra, Matthew Costa, David Beard, Albert Prats-Uribe, David Metcalfe 2024
NDORMS 2024/15 Resorbable antibacterial coatings for orthopaedic implants Dario Carugo, Simon Abram, Abtin Alvand 2024