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Research, Clinical Trials, Clinical Research Facility, Good clinical Practice! These first came across to me about a few years ago, however, only in the last 2 months when I joined the EMCRF as a clinical Research Nurse have I learnt their in-depth meaning. It’s amazing to see the world outside bedside Nursing, The Science and behind the scenes which shape medicine, nursing, and healthcare in general. Research which seeks to find answers to the big W’s- why, what, where, when and who.



I started off as an Emergency Department Nurse and loved every bit of the job. I stilldo :D. But at some point, in my career, I decided to take a leap and explore thisfield of nursing- clinical Research.I had always wanted to taste something outside the four walls of a hospital while still being a nurse and guess what, I’mloving it here in clinical Research.

Clinical research studies and trials aim to understand what happens when a medicine or non-medicinal product is introduced to a selected group and thereafter observed to note patterns, trends, changes, kinetics, and dynamics. And these are undertaken in well controlled environments equipped with the appropriately qualified/Trained staff to minimise or eliminate unnecessary risks.

The attention to detail is superb, the meticulous organisation and interaction with the multidisciplinary health team is awesome. And the fact that Individuals go out of their way to voluntarily participate in research is mind blowing. Participants get to receive optimal one -one interaction with the research team which sometimes is not available on the bedside space. And when results of Research studies get published or implemented in the future, you feel
proud to have been a part of it.

So, If you would like to take a leap into research either as a voluntary participant or as a research staff, Hop along and explore……
                                                                                                                                               Clinical Research Nurse



Cell seen under microscope 

Cell seen under microscope