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Gap non-union of tibia following traumatic bone loss or infection dramatically emphasizes the limitation of conventional reconstructive techniques. With presence of significant skin loss or poorly vascularised recepient bed, complications and failure rate increase and solution often lies in amputation. Vascularised ipsilateral fibular grafting offers a viable alternative to this. This is a series of 16 cases of gap non-union of tibia treated by tibialisation of fibula at KEM Hospital, Bombay. All the cases were secondary to osteomyelitis following compound fracture of tibia-fibula or hematogenous osteomyelitis with a large sequestrum. 15 cases had good results with good hypertrophy of bone after union. One case had poor result with fracture going into delayed union with no hypertrophy. We discuss the technique, complications and results of this procedure.


Journal article


J postgrad med

Publication Date





109 - 111


Adolescent, Adult, Child, Female, Fibula, Follow-Up Studies, Fracture Healing, Fractures, Ununited, Humans, Male, Osteomyelitis, Radiography, Tibial Fractures, Treatment Outcome