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Increasing LFA-1 Expression Enhances Immune Synapse Architecture and T Cell Receptor Signaling in Jurkat E6.1 Cells

Journal article

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Body mass index and risk of COVID-19 diagnosis, hospitalisation, and death: a cohort study of 2 524 926 Catalans

Journal article

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Regional specialization of macrophages along the gastrointestinal tract

Journal article

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Metagenomics: a path to understanding the gut microbiome.

Journal article

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Pharmacological modulation of T cell immunity results in long-term remission of autoimmune arthritis

Journal article

WILLIAMS R. et al, (2021), Proceedings of the national academy of sciences of usa

RIPK1 activates distinct gasdermins in macrophages and neutrophils upon pathogen blockade of innate immune signaling

Journal article

Chen KW. et al, (2021), Proceedings of the national academy of sciences, 118, e2101189118 - e2101189118

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