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Lifetime revision risk for medial unicompartmental knee replacement is lower than expected

Journal article

Kennedy J. et al, (2020), Knee surgery sports traumatology arthroscopy

Evidences supporting the inclusion of immigrants in the universal health care coverage

Journal article

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Oxidised metabolites of the omega-6 fatty acid linoleic acid activate dFOXO

Journal article

Kwon SY. et al, (2020), Life science alliance

Patch Augmented Rotator Cuff Surgery (PARCS) Feasibility Study

Journal article

COOK J. et al, (2020), Health technology assessment

Matrix-targeting immunotherapy controls tumor growth and spread by switching macrophage phenotype

Journal article

MIDWOOD KIM., (2020), Cancer immunology research

When the first visit to the rheumatologist is established rheumatoid arthritis

Journal article

TAYLOR P. and LAW S., (2020), Best practice and research: clinical rheumatology

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