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Developments within the field of image-guided surgery are ever expanding, driven by collective involvement of clinicians, researchers, and industry. While the general conception of the potential of image-guided surgery is to improve surgical outcome, the specific motives and goals that drive can differ between the different expert groups. To establish the current and future role of intra-operative image guidance within the field of image-guided surgery a Delphi consensus survey was conducted during the 2nd European Congress on Image-guided surgery. This multidisciplinary survey included questions on the conceptual potential and clinical value of image-guided surgery and was aimed at defining specific areas of research and development in the field in order to stimulate further advances towards precision surgery. Obtained results based on questionnaires filled in by 56 panel experts (clinicians: N=30, researchers: N=20 and industry: N=6) were discussed during a dedicated expert discussion session during the conference. The outcome of this Delphi consensus is indicative of the potential improvements offered by image-guided surgery and of the need for further research in this emerging field, that can be enriched by the identification of reliable molecular targets.


Journal article


Am j nucl med mol imaging

Publication Date





74 - 80


Image-guided surgery, intraoperative imaging, precision surgery, real-time image guidance