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Comparative information on total knee replacements (TKRs) is not readily available. With the help of implant manufacturers and distributors, we have compiled a list of TKRs on the market in the UK and summarised the information about these implants in a table. There are 37 different TKRs, marketed by 14 companies; 54% have been introduced since 1990. The number of different implants is increasing. At least eight designs have undergone major modifications, while many have had minor alterations. Of the TKRs on the market, 60% are modular. Some 54% of TKRs have no published results in peer-reviewed journals; only one of the four most widely used prostheses has published survival figures. New and modified implants are introduced without clinical evidence of their superiority over other available designs. Published results in peer-reviewed journals are currently the best evidence available on the reliability of an implant. When selecting an implant, surgeons should be aware if the prosthesis has any such results, the length of the follow-up, and the survival rates that are achieved. More detailed interpretation is difficult because of the different combinations used in modular implants and because of the frequent modification of existing designs. Properly conducted long-term clinical trials should be encouraged as they are the only means of evaluating new designs.


Journal article


Ann r coll surg engl

Publication Date





335 - 340


Costs and Cost Analysis, Humans, Knee Prosthesis, Prosthesis Design, Prosthesis Failure, Treatment Outcome, United Kingdom