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MRPP2 (also known as HSD10/SDR5C1) is a multifunctional protein that harbours both catalytic and non-catalytic functions. The protein belongs to the short-chain dehydrogenase/reductases (SDR) family and is involved in the catabolism of isoleucine in vivo and steroid metabolism in vitro. MRPP2 also moonlights in a complex with the MRPP1 (also known as TRMT10C) protein for N1-methylation of purines at position 9 of mitochondrial tRNA, and in a complex with MRPP1 and MRPP3 (also known as PRORP) proteins for 5'-end processing of mitochondrial precursor tRNA. Inherited mutations in the HSD17B10 gene encoding MRPP2 protein lead to a childhood disorder characterised by progressive neurodegeneration, cardiomyopathy or both. Here we report two patients with novel missense mutations in the HSD17B10 gene (c.34G>C and c.526G>A), resulting in the p.V12L and p.V176M substitutions. Val12 and Val176 are highly conserved residues located at different regions of the MRPP2 structure. Recombinant mutant proteins were expressed and characterised biochemically to investigate their effects towards the functions of MRPP2 and associated complexes in vitro. Both mutant proteins showed significant reduction in the dehydrogenase, methyltransferase and tRNA processing activities compared to wildtype, associated with reduced stability for protein with p.V12L, whereas the protein carrying p.V176M showed impaired kinetics and complex formation. This study therefore identified two distinctive molecular mechanisms to explain the biochemical defects for the novel missense patient mutations.

Original publication




Journal article


Biochim biophys acta mol basis dis

Publication Date





3294 - 3302


Dehydrogenase, HSD10, MRPP, Methyltransferase, Mitochondrial tRNA, tRNA processing, 3-Hydroxyacyl CoA Dehydrogenases, Female, Gene Expression, Humans, Infant, Male, Methylation, Methyltransferases, Mitochondria, Mitochondrial Proteins, Models, Molecular, Mutation, Missense, Protein Conformation, RNA, Transfer, Recombinant Proteins, Ribonuclease P