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Fracture-dislocations of the carpometacarpal joint (CMCJ) of the little ray involve dorsal subluxation of the metacarpal base and they may be associated with injury of neighbouring CMCJs. Different treatment options are described, with no clear consensus on their management. This study presents a systematic review of comparative studies describing the management of these injuries. A bespoke search strategy was applied across multiple databases. Results were screened against specified stepwise inclusion criteria and data were extracted independently by two authors with discrepancy resolution by a third. Of 437 search results, six comparative studies were identified. Comparisons included non-operative or early mobilization versus fixation K-wires or open reduction and internal fixation. Conclusions were mixed; all studies had critical or significant risks of bias (using the ROBINS-I tool) and there was heterogeneity between studies.

Original publication




Journal article


J hand surg eur vol

Publication Date





530 - 538


CMCJ, Fifth metacarpal, bone wires, carpometacarpal joints, casts - surgical, fracture, joint dislocations, joint subluxation, little finger metacarpal, metacarpal bones, surgical procedures - operative, Carpometacarpal Joints, Fracture Dislocation, Fracture Fixation, Internal, Humans