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CD200+ fibroblasts form a pro-resolving mesenchymal network in arthritis.

Journal article

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Fibroblasts Derived From Vestibular Schwannoma Express Protumorogenic Markers.

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A roadmap for delivering a human musculoskeletal cell atlas.

Journal article

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Inflammation across tissues: can shared cell biology help design smarter trials?

Journal article

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Three-dimensional, in-vitro approaches for modelling soft-tissue joint diseases

Journal article

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Cellular characterisation of advanced osteoarthritis knee synovium.

Journal article

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Why does understanding the biology of fibroblasts in immunity really matter?

Journal article

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Defining the transcriptional landscape of developing human tendons

Conference paper

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Differential effect of lactate on synovial fibroblast and macrophage effector functions.

Journal article

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