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Unsupervised Learning to Understand Patterns of Comorbidity in 633,330 Patients Diagnosed with Osteoarthritis

Conference paper

Pineda Moncusi M. et al, (2022), 15th international conference on health informatics

A standardized analytics pipeline for reliable and rapid development and validation of prediction models using observational health data

Journal article

Khalid S. et al, (2021), Computer methods and programs in biomedicine, 211, 106394 - 106394

Costes y beneficios del programa de prevención de fractura FLS en España

Conference paper

PINEDO VILLANUEVA R. et al, (2021)

Characterization of polypharmacy in middle-aged and elderly adults in the UK: An analysis of 0.5 million people in UK Biobank

Conference paper

Xie J. et al, (2021), Pharmacoepidemiology and drug safety, 30, 164 - 164

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