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Supramolecular attack particles are autonomous killing entities released from cytotoxic T cells.

Journal article

Bálint Š. et al, (2020), Science, 368, 897 - 901

Intracellular trafficking of the invasion promoting cell surface proteinase MT1-MMP

Conference paper

Gifford V. et al, (2019), International journal of experimental pathology, 100, A20 - A20

Dynamic regulation and differential compartmentaliztion of C-type lectin receptors in the dendritic cell membrane

Conference paper

Luehr J. et al, (2018), European journal of immunology, 48, 5 - 5

Membrane nanoclusters of FcγRI segregate from inhibitory SIRPα upon activation of human macrophages.

Journal article

Lopes FB. et al, (2017), J cell biol, 216, 1123 - 1141

Localizing order to boost signaling.

Journal article

Bálint Š. and Dustin ML., (2017), Elife, 6

Super-Resolution Imaging with Single-Molecule Localization


Anna Oddone None. et al, (2014), Cell Membrane Nanodomains From Biochemistry to Nanoscopy

Correlating cargo transport with the cytoskeletal network at high resolution

Conference paper

Balint S. et al, (2013), European biophysics journal with biophysics letters, 42, S58 - S58

Correlative live-cell and superresolution microscopy reveals cargo transport dynamics at microtubule intersections.

Journal article

Bálint Š. et al, (2013), Proc natl acad sci u s a, 110, 3375 - 3380

Correlative Real-Time and Super Resolution Imaging of Mitochondrial Dynamics

Conference paper

Balint S. et al, (2012), Biophysical journal, 102, 379a - 379a

Monitoring of local pH in photodynamic therapy-treated live cancer cells using surface-enhanced Raman scattering probes

Journal article

Bálint Š. et al, (2011), Journal of raman spectroscopy, 42, 1215 - 1221

Electrophoretic mobility of a growing cell studied by photonic force microscope

Journal article

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Single DNA molecule detection in an optical trap using surface-enhanced Raman scattering

Journal article

Rao S. et al, (2010), Applied physics letters, 96, 213701 - 213701

Diffusion and cellular uptake of drugs in live cells studied with surface-enhanced Raman scattering probes

Journal article

Bálint S. et al, (2010), Journal of biomedical optics, 15

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