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Surgical Intervention Trials Unit

Develop with Us 

In order for your surgical trial to be selected for support by the Surgical Intervention Trials Unit you will be required to provide some initial information, which will be presented for review by an executive group from the SITU Trial Development Committee.



The SITU Trial Development Executive Committee will want to see evidence that your surgical trial addresses an important scientific question with primary emphasis on surgery or surgery related outcomes and there should be a reasonable expectation that the findings will result in worthwhile changes in clinical practice. The surgical trial should be feasible in terms of recruitment targets, retention rates and have realistic and achievable timelines. SITU will work with lead investigators and their teams to develop the proposed trial ensuring that the trial has a strong methodological, scientific design, is conducted and managed to ICH GCP and appropriate regulatory standards.

Surgical trials will be required to have appropriate funding in place or have identified a proposed funding body with the expectation that SITU is able to recover costs relevant to its role and involvement.

SITU's aim, as a centre of excellence for conducting surgical trial research, is to deliver high quality, clinically relevant, scientifically sound trials with excellent methodology and design enabling surgical trialists to develop and enhance their research reputations.

The SITU Trial Development group meet approximately every two months to review the latest proposals.

To submit a proposal, please complete the Expression of Interest Form.