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Cenk A. Aksu

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Postdoctoral Research Associate Creating Ancestrally Inclusive Single-Cell Atlas of Healthy Musculoskeletal Tissues

I completed my molecular biology and genetic BSc at Haliç University (Turkey) in 2015. Then I pursued my academic career with a Ph. D. in cellular and molecular medicine at Koç University (Turkey). Under the supervision of Prof. Tugba Bagci-Onder, I worked on “Assessing the Epigenetic Modifiers of Drug Response in Human Astrocyte and Glioblastoma Co-Cultures”, which I defended in June 2022.

            During my Ph.D. I learned several skills such as FACS, fluorescently tagged cell imaging, live cell imaging, single-cell sequencing, genetic engineering, CRISPRa/i and pooled CRISPR screen analysis, and bulk & single-cell RNAseq analysis. In my last six months, I worked with Assoc. Prof. Adam Cribbs at NDORMS (University of Oxford) and discovered my interest in single-cell technologies. Especially how the cellular ‘road-map’ connect and provide such fundamental metrics to define the diverse tissues. In 2022, I joined NDORMS as a postdoctoral research associate for the CZI Ancestrally Diverse Musculoskeletal Atlas, working with Assoc. Prof. Snelling, Assoc. Prof. Cribbs and Dr. Baldwin.