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Alison Turner

Research Study and PPI Co-ordinator

I am research co-ordinator for The Chingford Study which was established in 1989 as a retrospective case-control study to determine prevalence rates of osteoarthritis (OA) and osteoporosis (OP) in middle-aged women in the general population, and to assess a number of known risk factors and their associations with these two diseases.

I am also the study co-ordinator for Rudy Study.  Rudy is a study in rare diseases of the bones, joints and blood vessels. Headed up by a research team at the University of Oxford, Rudy aims to transform clinical care for participants through patient driven research and some of my role within Rudy is to co-ordinate the Patient & Public Involvement (PPI) for this study which involves maintaining a good relationship with our patient forum and keeping in regular contact with them.

Continuing on the PPI theme, I am the BRU Metabolic Bone Disease Theme representative on the James Lind Alliance PPI Researcher Network which looks at how PPI is handled within research in our department.

Recently I have been appointed the Study Co-ordinator for The Jockey Study.  This study plans to look at the short and long-term health consequences of professional horseracing.

If I ever have any spare time,  I complete data entry on the Fracture Free Study and I also help out with general admin duties within the office.