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Clinical Trial Support Officer

Alysson Turcios

Clinical Trial Support Officer

Hereditary Cancer-Translational Research

I joined the Oncology Clinical Trials Office (OCTO) as a Clinical Trial Support Officer in June 2022. Prior to this, I was a Translational Research Student at the Catalan Institute of Oncology (Barcelona) where I collaborated with the diagnostic team and learned about hereditary cancer genes and predisposition, the mechanisms by which DNA variants cause alterations in protein function, and interpretation of molecular diagnostic analysis. Also, evaluation of the information provided by clinical and functional literature reports and international databases to weight its evidence strength and combine it to the classification of any given gene variant found in the diagnostics setting.

 I am currently working on SCOOT:

Sample Collection for The Integration and Analysis of Data Using Artificial Intelligence to Improve Patient Outcomes with Thoracic Diseases

The SCOOT study aims to collect blood samples from 5000 patients who have a CT-detected lung nodule, identified via the national Lung Health Check programme. The analysis of the samples obtained from the SCOOT will be combined with information collected by the DART project to establish if these biomarkers can be used as a predictive tool to more accurately identify lung cancers, and at an earlier stage.