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Ben Wilkins


MSc Taught Programme

Community Health Services, MSK Older Adult Health

Ben Wilkins is a Registered Osteopath (8961), graduating as an Osteopath (M.Ost) in 2014 from Oxford Brookes University, with a masters in Osteopathy with a focus on the clinical value of superficial heat and cold for non-specific low back pain and self-management. Before starting the PGT in Musculoskeletal Science at NDORMS in 2016 he worked in various charity and social enterprise organisations. Ben currently works for Oomph! Wellness, a social enterprise which is the largest provider of older adult wellbeing services in the UK. He leads a national programme for older adult physical activity funded by the Sport England 'Active Ageing' fund, where Oomph! was the largest funding recipient. Ben also leads the NESTA funded programme of 'Connected Community Walks' which is working to gamify walking for older adults, focusing on the behavioural components of motivation to reduce physical inactivity and social isolation.

His additional focus in community health services is therapeutic aquatic exercise. A systematic review of the role of aquatic rehabilitation for hip and knee replacement was published by Ben in the aquatic physiotherapy journal 'Aqualines' in 2017. He has developed a artificial intelligence powered aquatic rehabilitation programme delivering in public pools to provide a MSK self-management programme in collaboration with Dr. Ben Waller (University of Jyväskylä).

Wilkins B. (2017) The Effectiveness of Aquatic Therapy Following Total Hip or Total Knee Arthroplasty: A literature review. Aqualines 29(2): 15-21