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Christopher Mwema

BSc (Hons); MSc

OCTRU Medical Statistician

I joined NDORMS in October 2023 as a Medical Statistician, as part of the Oxford Clinical Trials Research unit (OCTRU) and the Centre for Statistics in Medicine (CSM). I mainly contribute to the design, conduct, analysis and presentation of clinical trials, majority of which are trauma and surgical trials such as SENTINEL, TAILOR, HUSH, DISCUS and MMOST.

Prior to this I completed the MSc Medical Statistics at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in September 2023 on an MRC funded fellowship through the MRC International Statistics and Epidemiology group. My dissertation focused on investigating neonatal factors that mediate the effect of azithromycin on antibiotic use in neonates using data from the PregnAnZI-2 trial.

I also hold an undergraduate degree in Biostatistics from the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology in Kenya and afterwards worked for some months at a research centre in Kenya before starting my masters. I am interested in Causal Inference, Bayesian Statistics, Survival Analysis and Hierarchical/Multilevel modelling. During my free time I enjoy hiking, swimming, exploring new places and just recently going to the gym to lift weights.


Read more about my experience studying the MSc: I made the best decision - Chris' journey studying MSc Medical Statistics at LSHTM | LSHTM