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Elizabeth Conroy

PhD, MSc, BSc

OCTRU Lead Statistician

I work with medical professionals to design, achieve grant funding, conduct, analyse and report randomised clinical trials. I have a particular interest in trials that investigate surgical and other complex interventions. My specific areas of interest include trials involving clustering or learning effects at the centre- or treatment-provider-level and methods to mitigate these effects through design and analysis.

Before joining OCTRU and CSM as Lead Statistician in January 2022, I worked at the Liverpool Clinical Trials Unit (CTU) as a Senior Trial Statistician. There I provided statistical input throughout all stages of clinical trials, from initial idea to final publication. I also delivered trials methodology projects, such as establishing the role of trial steering committees as independent oversight committees.

While at the Liverpool CTU, I undertook a Doctoral Fellowship (PhD) at the University of Liverpool, funded by the National Institute of Health Research. My thesis was entitled: Learning and clustering: statistical adjustment for the learning curve and clustering effects in randomised surgical trials. I previously obtained an MSc in Statistics with Medical Application and a BSc in Mathematics at the University of Sheffield.

Externally, I serve as the independent statistician on data monitoring and trial steering committees and peer review for various medical and trials methodology journals.

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