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Elnaz Saeedi

OCTRU Medical Statistician

I am a trial statistician collaborating with the Oxford Clinical Research Trials Unit (OCTRU), Centre for Statistics in Medicine (CSM). Since joining in April 2023, I have been actively contributing my expertise to several influential trials, including MONITOR, ROBUST, MACRO, and the TEMPO feasibility study.

Before my current position, I served as a research assistant at the University of Leicester, where I made significant strides in the field of statistical methodology. During my time there, I developed a novel graphical approach for Component Network Meta-Analysis, a method for synthesizing evidence from multiple sources. In recognition of my contributions, I was awarded an NIHR pre-doctoral fellowship, which allowed me to further explore and refine the Component Network Meta-Analysis method.

I completed my MSc in Biostatistics at the Tehran University of Medical Sciences in Iran in 2017, where I focused my dissertation on the application of competing risk frailty models in analysing the survival of patients with liver cirrhosis. Through this research, I showcased my ability to tackle complex statistical challenges and contribute to the field of biostatistics.

In summary, I am eager to collaborate with multidisciplinary teams, including researchers, clinicians, and regulatory professionals, to collectively work towards achieving the goals of each clinical trial. I believe that teamwork and effective communication are essential for successfully navigating the complex landscape of clinical research.