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Gianluca Fabiano


Senior Researcher in Health Economics

I am an economist working at the intersection of health and innovation. With my work, I aim to inform decisions on health resource allocation with the goal to increase public value. In my research, I like to bring together theoretical and applied arguments to emphasize the multidimensional aspect of health and its economic consequences.

How can we guide health systems to deliver the treatments we need at a price we can afford? What makes the opportunity cost of alternative interventions explicit? Are public and private interests aligned with contributors to the innovation process?

I answer these questions by developing decision-analytic models applied to a broad spectrum of treatments and diseases. My analyses involve data derived from large observational datasets (real-world evidence) which I employ to estimate costs and clinical effectiveness measures of current and new interventions, with a particular interest in those for musculoskeletal conditions. My goal is to inform public payers on products that provide the most value for money investment and increase health systems efficiency.

My career as a researcher started in Italy where I studied Political and Public Economics. I discovered my interest in Health Economics as a student in Spain and then I completed an MRes and a Ph.D. in Health Economics in the UK. I am an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and I like to get involved in teaching and disseminating research outcomes.

I am a traveler driven by intellectual curiosity, and I am keen to learn from the views of colleagues and students from different fields and cultures and to apply people's perspectives in research and life.