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Jing Zhang

Postdoctoral Researcher

Jing is working with Professors Dominic Furniss (NDORMS) and Richard Bryant (NDS) and Mr Ben Turney (NDS) as part of a group carrying out research into the molecular genetic basis of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), specifically using GWAS, single cell sequencing and functional assays. There is currently little treatment available for BPH and it is hoped that finding its genetic basis will help the development of targeted drugs and lead to more personalised treatment of this disease in the future.

Jing completed her PhD in Biological Physics and Pharmaceutical Science at the University of Manchester in January 2019. She investigated the potential antifungal application of a series of de novo designed peptides and developed both an innovative 3D intestinal tissue model and a thermo-responsive cell attachment and detachment system. Her supervisors were Professor Jian Lu and Dr Jeffrey Penny and she was awarded an ‘Outstanding Overseas Research Student Scholarship’.

Prior to her studies in Manchester, Jing gained Bachelor and Masters Degrees in Clinical Medicine from Zhejiang University in China before clinical and specialist (Gynaecology) training at that University’s hospital.

Outside of work, Jing enjoys listening to music and reading plus some yoga and watching TV series.