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Jinsen Lu


DPhil student

Anti-ageing therapy and bone tissue engineering

Clinical background and research interest

He is a qualified orthopaedic surgeon in china graduating from an 8 years bachelor-master integral surgical programme at AHMU in China. He complete my surgical resident training in 1st affiliated hospital of the university of science and technology in china with a focus on traumatic orthopaedics. He joined the group of musculoskeletal ageing and oncology led by prof. James Edwards and Claire Edwards in 2020.

From 2012-2020, my research focuses on the following field:

1. Exploring the therapeutical and subcellular mechanism(ER stress, apoptosis and autophagy) of resveratrol on rheumatoid arthritis.

2. Exploring the anti-cancer potential of CLIC4 ion channel via assessing SOCE, UPR and PCD.

3. Exploring the therapeutical effects and ferroptosis regulation of stem cell-derived exosomes on steriod induced osteoporosis and osteonecrosis.

My current research focus on the following area:

1. Exploring the Anti-ageing potential and subcellar mechanism of multiple drugs via systemic screening, multi-omics assessment, AI-based prediction and multi-level validation.

2. Development and evaluation of novel exosome loaded 3D bioprinting bone tissue engineering scaffold.

3. Exploring the novel mechanism of rare bone disease via single cell and spatial transcriptome sequencing.

4. Clinical trials and epidemiological analysis of orthopaedic surgery.

Core competence

1. Experience of orthopaedic surgery including ORIF of common limb fracture, TKA/THA and robot assisted pelvic CRIF and spine surgery.

2. Experience of common cell biology, molecular biology, morphology, microscopy.

3. Experience of common sequencing and proteomics analysis.

4. Experience of animal model construction and surgery.


Welcome any collaboration from bone tissue engineering, WGBS, epigenetic ageing, advanced in vivo imaging, organoid culture and clinical trials.


Key publications

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