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Jo Silva


Head of Communications

Crafter of true stories and effective communications strategies.

I lead the department’s internal and external communications, supporting our researchers to communicate the incredible research they do and how their work shapes healthcare and changes lives.

I work to deliver well-crafted and audience-focused messages, as well as providing communications support and training to our staff and students. I work closely with the Public Affairs Directorate, the Medical Sciences Divisional office and other communications staff across the University of Oxford, the Oxford University Hospitals, and the NIHR Oxford Biomedical Research Centre.

I have worked in science communication and public engagement for over fifteen years. Before joining NDORMS in June 2014, I was the Education and Outreach Manager at the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy, where I led the educational programme of the centre, making fusion accessible to a wider audience. I have worked on a variety of science communication projects, namely education outreach with At-Bristol and event and project evaluation.

I have a degree in Marine Biology from the University of the Algarve, Portugal and a MSc in Science Communication from the University of the West of England, Bristol. I am also a Member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations.

I am a Mum to two small humans who are awesome and creative (interpret that at your leisure)! In my spare time (who are we kidding, what spare time?!), I enjoy sewing, knitting, writing, and seeing the world through a lens.

The Communications Team

Are you a researcher at NDORMS?

Myself and the Communications Team are here to support you in communicating your work and achievements to a variety of audiences, through different channels – from press releases to videos and media interviews. We also support you with the communications and outreach plan of your grant applications.

Come chat to us!