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Leia Yeomans

Head of IT Support

She/her, they/them

I am here to help you be able to achieve excellent research, so please do ask me for any help, or for anything you would like to see improved - there are no silly questions. If you do ever see something incorrect on our intranet, or would like to add or suggest something (e.g. a tip, a missing piece of help information) to the IT areas, please do let me know. I want this to be a helpful and useful area for you!

My role also involves collaborating with the Medical Sciences Division IT and Central IT Services on the strategic direction for NDORMS IT.

How to get in contact with me or the IT Team

We have lots of useful pages on our  intranet to help support your work, including WFH

For interesting or helpful tips, check out news items like our IT top tips, a method of ensuring bulletin emails arrive in your mailbox and not being flagged as spam, information about R12, see our ever expanding tips and tricks page, or even non-IT items like the mobile bike mechanic or the NDORMS Glossary.

This page has plenty of good advice on how to lock your bike securely.

I run and play a variety of tabletop games, so if you are ever interested in joining/trying out a game, come find me for a chat!